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24hr drawing mara-tan!!



here are a bunch of sketches i drew during a 24hr art marathon at my school!! o:

i was first selected to draw on the mural and i was really scared ;q; the figure drawing instructor saw it though and he waved the prerequisites, so i can take it next semester!!! ;u; it was stylized too guu…

but after that i started gaining confidence ;u; that day really changed me, and showed me how important it is to not doubt your own knowledge. drawing is so much more fun and easier now after trusting what i know, it’s like i learned a lot in the past but haven’t been putting it to use till now. i might write a lengthier post about it later maybe ;u;

also also i got to try life drawing for the first time and it was pretty fun!! o: i remember 7 months ago i absolutely did not understand how into gestures, but i guess a lot has changed and hard work really does pay off c:

anyway anyway here’s what i got!!



Author: emi

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2 thoughts on “24hr drawing mara-tan!!

  1. Dat mural drawing. So kireiiiii~

    Also dat tomcat ;u;

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