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happy birthday to youuuu!! onii-tan!!! ^^

also!! this will be my first upload to pixiv, you can see it if you clicky the image! :3


xiaomei rin for dage rice :3


results from the stream! o:
i haven’t done proper lineart in a loooong time… so this was a very fun experience :3
thank you to those who gave me input on areas i was having trouble nyehh
i shall stream colouring this, tomorrow!!



i’m gonna work real hard this december :3
i was planning on redesigning her after seeing everybody’s variations
but i don’t really feel like working on this right now :< /hypocrite
i’ll finish the full pic later

to every single one of you


(image heavy post incoming!)

each year there have been three ways i’ve loved to spend my birthdays: eating, sleeping, and drawing~ overall i find it quite relaxing, and that’s just how i prefer it! i don’t expect it to be “special” nor do i usually expect gifts. but this year, i think i’ve been taught that it can be more than just another day off… that it could become one of the happiest days in my life. and i have all of you, every one of you to thank for teaching me that.

and you know, even though so many beautiful, wonderful drawings have been given to me this year… even though i’ve had so many well wishes from people who don’t even know me (i’ve never said thank you so many times in one day before!!), i think the real gift is that i made new friends, and that i appreciate the ones i already have even more now. i’m going to work hard. i’m going to work so hard. until i return to all of you the favour, all i can say is…

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i miss summer already ;-;


yesterday i was at my fridge and i was like, “man, i really want some ramune”
and there was ramune o:! but it’s all gone now ;-;

edit: also! tomorrow is rella’s birthday… ;w; uuu, i want to eventually draw her something…but i’m not quite there yet i think. and then it’s my birthday the day after too :3